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Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $550K in Woodbridge, VA.

Rich was very knowledgeable about our neighborhood and helped us sell our home very quickly for full asking price. He was with us every step of the way and very responsive to all our questions and concer...

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Townhouse home in 2018 for approximately $475K in Burke, VA.

Rich is friendly personable man, very professional, aggressive but not pushy. A man with dignity and respect for others. A year and half ago, shortly after I signed contract with him to sell my house, a tragedy happened to my family and I told Rich that it was impossible for us to move at that moment. He gave us his condolences, voided the contract, not even " When you are ready please contact me". During that period, he contacted our family periodically, as a friend to see how we are doing, never a word about our house. This is a man who put other human being's welfare before his prof...

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Condo home in 2018 for approximately $125K in Seminary Hill, Alexandria, VA.

As a retired realtor in No.Va. with 27 years experience, I recognize excellence in the business when I see it. During those years, I worked closely with hundreds of realtors but when I decided to sell a couple of investment condos, only one person came to mind - Rich DiGiovanna! I remembered how Rich had impressed me with his professionalism and dedication. I was not disappointed. My efficiency condo was not a high priced property, so he didn't stand to make a huge commission. Nevertheless, the level of service from Rich and his support staff was so extraordinary, I could have been selling a $2 million house! My little condo looked fabulous in the professional video and wide-angle photos in the listing on the web. His no-expense-spared marketing strategy brought forth immediate offers and Rich negotiated a very good contract. His very efficient staff kept me fully up-to-date on the progress - not once did I need to call to check on the status! All I had to do was show up at the settlement! I will certainly list my other condo with Rich as soon as my tenant leav...

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $400K in Woodbridge, VA.

Rich is a wonderful, excellency, and marvelous human being. He is highly professional.
One evening I was outside working in my yard when this gentle man showed up, asking me questing about why did I remove the house from the market. (to cut long story short)
He told me he can sell the house in two weeks or less.
We had an appointment to meet. He came and show me how to stage the house. He even came another day to stage with us. (what a wonderful man) We listen to all his advice and it worked out perfectly in two weeks.
Rich and his team created a beautiful colorful first class brochure and outstanding video presentation from a professional photographs that were taken by a highly professional photographer. He advertised strategically, held an Open House in less than a week. Our home was sold at the price we wanted. He was with us every step of the way, very responsive to all of our many questions and concerns, he helped negotiate the sale of our home in a manner that made us feel extremely satisfied. We would highly recommend Rich DiGiovanna for all our real estate needs.
Rich DiGiovanna really know his job. We did not regret giving him the chance to lead us in this journey. We will highly recommend him and his team to any...

Highly likely to recommend

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $450K in Springfield, VA.

My wife and I could not be more satisfied with our experience working with Steve. One thing that we took away from this experience is that with a good realtor you are not only getting their expertise but you are also getting access to a strong network.

We have been casually searching for houses (zillow hobby?) for a couple of years and one came up that was an excellent opportunity. Out of the blue we called Steve and asked him if he could help us out and that is exactly what he did. From day one getting us a walk through of the house all the way through closing Steve was there for us.

As for the network of resources that I spoke of before - Steve works with a top notch home inspector, put us in touch with a lender that was not only able to help us financially but also had the patience to walk us through a complicated loan. Finally the title company that Steve recommended was once again beyond exceptional to work with.

Steve is not only responsive but he is also patient and honest. His knowledge of the area is fantastic and he was willing to help in any way we needed it. If you are considering buying or selling a house I cannot recommend Steve highly enou...

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $450K in Woodbridge, VA.

We called Rich when we getting ready to put our home on the market because we noticed that the houses being sold in our area were being sold by him. It was a bit daunting to be told by Rich and his design consultant that the home you loved needed a few changes before his sign went up in front. BUT, we listened, took his advice, made the updates and changes. We undertook a major purging and decluttering of our home of more than 30 years and while it was emotionally and physically challenging it was well worth the effort. Rich and his team created a slick colorful first class brochure from the professional photographs that were taken and an outstanding video presentation highlighting our home and the many advantages of living in our neighborhood. He advertised strategically, held an Open House and in less than three weeks our home sold at full price. He was with us every step of the way, responsive to our many questions and concerns, and helped negotiate the sale of our home in a manner that made us feel extremely satisfied. We would highly recommend Rich DiGiovanna for all your real estate nee...

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Townhouse home in 2017 in Woodbridge, VA.

Rich was a true professional from day one. Our home had been a rental and needed many updates to get it ready for market. We looked into selling it "as is" and avoid the hassle of renovations. We were hesitant at first to put in money for the renovations as Rich recommended, but we did and it was money well spent! We were extremely pleased with the outcome! It was well worth it! Rich knew local contractors that were very reasonable in price and completed outstanding work in a very timely manner. The house looked gorgeous and we received two offers within three days of putting it on the market! He and his associates were always on top of things and kept us abreast of the progress. We have worked with a lot of real estate agents and can honestly say Rich and his team are one of the best! You will not be disappointed with Ri...

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2017 for approximately $550K in Woodbridge, VA.

We put our house on the market late but rich and his team got us full asking price in just a few weeks!

It started with a walkthrough our house and recommendations of what to do to make it show better followed by a specialist that helped us stage, or remove, the items required to show the house at its best. then came the photo's and videos that really showcased the house. People look at houses online and rich gave us a GREAT online presence. As a result, we had several showings a week.
Rich was always patient, responsive and non-judgmental in his approach. Both my wife and I always felt very confortable with ever part of the sale and always felt he was working on our behalf.
Once an offer was made and a contract in place, Rich's team took care of everything. We just showed up at closing.
I would HIGHLY recommend Rich to anyo...

Highly likely to recommend

Listed, but didn't sell my Townhouse home in 2017 in Woodbridge, VA.

I live in Portland Oregon and was recommended to Rich by a previous neighbor. I listed my condo in Woodbridge Va with him. I traveled to Va to meet him and talk about the details of what needed to be done to sell the property and what I was willing to do. After listing the property he took care of all the arrangements to clean the place up and make it marketable as I was in Oregon. At a critical point in the negotiations he coached me to do a certain counter offer which in the long run saved me about $7,000. Additionally the move date was moved up 15 days so I didn't have to make another payment on the condo. I couldn't be happier with this experience, and I used to sell realesta...

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2017 for approximately $575K in Woodbridge, VA.

First of all, let us declare that without Rich, we would not have been able to sell our home at the desired price and in such a short timeframe. We were under contract in less than thirty days after putting the house on the market. Rich DiGiovanna is an outstanding realtor.

First, as we gathered information on multiple realtors to determine which one may be the best, it was evident that Rich was the best. His reviews were the highest, his advertisement of homes the most appealing and complete, and the number of homes he sold within the shortest amount of time far exceeded his competitors.

When we selected Rich as our realtor and prepared our home for sale, Rich guided us through the process. First, he conducted a detailed survey of the home with us and in collaboration, we developed a plan for updates that was feasible and cognizant of an established budget. Since we were not knowledgeable about reputable contractors within the area, Rich provided us contact information about home repair and renovation businesses with which he had worked with in the past. The contractors were excellent and Rich inspected all completed work to ensure high-quality standards had been met. The renovations were excellent, very reasonable in terms of cost, and timely without any issues. Again, without the assistance of Rich, we would not have been able to accomplish the needed work

When the house was ready to be placed on the market for sale, Rich maximized the venues for advertisement and developed an extremely high-quality advertisement portfolio. The online video and tour of the house was beautiful accentuating the natural light and the features of the home. The brochures were beautiful, again with excellent photos and a very appealing appearance. Information about the home was comprehensive and annotated key and unique features. Throughout this timeframe, Rich updated us routinely.

Once we had an offer, Rich negotiated an excellent sale and we quickly moved to a successful closure. We were so thankful for Rich's service, for without him, we would not achieved this sale. Rich is outstanding and we recommend, without hesitation, his services. If you want to sell your home, you must select Rich as your realt...